heartfound // handmade

hello, I’m halee and sage+stone is my baby. I’ve always had a holistic approach to health - from teaching yoga to exploring traditional chinese medicine. recently I’ve found my forever passion - being a mama. through this new journey, sage + stone has become my creative outlet - a way I can channel my passion into something I can share with others.
I love finding space in my day to sit down and create these malas, for me it is a meditative practice within itself. years ago I was gifted my first mala, it is still so special to me and has been with me through many uncomfortable moments. it has supported breath, focus and a sense of calm.
I hope through my creative expression I can offer this to others too.

what is a mala?
108 gemstone beads, hand knotted and sealed with a guru bead and unique tassel. used for meditation, intention setting, prayer, pranayama, affirmation/matra or crystal healing.

each mala is created just for you, whether you have a particular gemstone, intention, colour or emotion in mind… or you’d like to leave the creativity + intention up to me.